#Break The Bias 2019

In my Visual Design for Strategic Communication course, I had to design and develop a social good campaign. I decided to promote social awareness of various topics and ultimately aim to end stereotype threat, and that was how #BreakTheBias was born.

#BreakTheBias was a social media campaign using inclusive, powerful media to break unconscious bias that surrounds every sex, gender, race, religion, background, issue.

My survey results (36 people) showed that 91% respondents had been stereotyped and 91% of the stereotypes they encountered were at school and 75% in conversation equally with friends or strangers/acquaintances.

The value proposition was that it can relate to the majority of the population and expand to address thousands of issues.

The metrics to track the campaign would’ve been consumption (unique visitors/users of the hashtag), retention (how many users used the hashtag more than once), pages per visit (how many topics are explored per user), engagement (comments and session duration).