I was born in Miami, Florida- the sun and fun capital of the world. The diversity I grew up with- both in my family and around my city- provided me with a global mindset and a constant curiosity.

I graduated in May 2020 from University of North Carolina with a B.A. degree in Media & Journalism. I studied abroad one summer at the Université de Grenoble Alpes in Grenoble, France and one semester at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

I am committed to excellence in my work and I am always seeking opportunities to further my experience in multimedia, advertising, marketing, and public relations.




This is Mika.

I rescued her from a Chapel Hill parking lot Feb 2020. She’s sweet and sassy and the best travel partner I could’ve asked for. Feel free to reach out if you have any cat related questions as I’ve done a lot of research and training.

Instagram: @Mika.meow